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At Voodoo, we have a strong track record of working with businesses in Preston to get them up to speed with their marketing plans and relating to their audiences in a way that works for them.

Strategic marketing

Getting your marketing strategy in place is what guides your activities in all aspects of growing your business. Understanding the market in which you’re operating is a vital part of doing this and working with Voodoo gives you a great head start in gaining this understanding. As a local agency, we understand the context in which businesses in Preston are operating and can give you a leg-up in planning how you tackle your own specific segment of the marketplace.

Voodoo’s can help businesses in Preston in a number of different ways:

    • Researching your markets – Being a locally-based business itself, Voodoo understands Preston’s markets. Our understanding of the area and how your business fits into it means that we’re on the front foot when it comes to getting the in-depth research you need to plan your marketing tactics.
    • Planning your marketing activities – Our previous work with Preston businesses, large and small, has given us a heap of experience that we can bring to bear on supporting you to set out how you will approach your own marketing campaign. Voodoo’s marketing experts also have a wealth of knowledge about what has worked for businesses similar to your own elsewhere in the country and bring this knowledge together with an understanding of your unique proposition to create the perfect plan for your company.
    • Growing your business – Once your business has a firm footing, the next step is to look for ways to grow your markets. No company has ever been successful by standing still, so it’s important that once you’ve established yourself in the local marketplace, you start to look for ways you can expand and develop. Voodoo has a number of tools in our box, from market analytics to strategies and plans, which can help you branch out within Preston or expand beyond the town into the wider area. We can also advise you on the speed of your growth to ensure that you’re not leaving your core business vulnerable to attack.
    • Deciding what to say and how to say it – Working with businesses in the North West, Voodoo has learned a lot about what appeals to business and consumer markets in Preston. Taking your proposition and turning it into a compelling message to sell your brand is one of the things that Voodoo does best.
    • Promoting your products – Planning a marketing campaign and deciding on promotional tactics is something best done with an agency that understands the local context. Voodoo knows Preston and its people and has an established network of contacts to get your marketing message across in all the right places.
    • Getting the team on board – Voodoo is a local agency and as such we’re on hand to help you persuade the naysayers in your company about the value of co-ordinated marketing. We’re more than happy to visit your team in Preston to talk to them about plans, educate them on your branding and strategy and talk around the people who are providing hard to convince.

Public Relations

  • PR is a vital part of any communication strategy and gives the opportunity to make connections with your market in a different way. With our experience of working in Preston we know the key players who can prove influential in relating to your market directly and speaking to influencers who can do some of the hard work of promoting your company and products on your behalf.
  • Voodoo’s PR specialists bring another facet to the overall service we offer. Working together with our strategists, creatives and analysts they can help you target the public channels unique to Preston and get your message heard by the right people.

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