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If your business is based in Manchester and you need some advice and support getting your marketing strategy spruced up, Voodoo can help. As a business based in Manchester ourselves, we understand the local markets better than anyone and can use our insider knowledge to help you get the best results for your business.

Strategic marketing

A big part of getting your marketing strategy in place involves gaining an understanding of the market in which your business operates. For this, working with Voodoo is ideal. We work with a number of Manchester-based businesses and have a good understanding of how the local business economy works, giving you a head-start in planning out your marketing approach.

Voodoo’s services to local businesses operate in a number of ways:

    • Market research – As a business in Manchester, Voodoo understands Manchester businesses. This gives us a flying start in helping you understand your market and the best ways to target your marketing approach. With a detailed knowledge of the local area, we can help you start to build a picture of where your company and your products fit within the overall marketplace and give you a solid foundation for promoting what you have to offer.
    • Marketing plan – Voodoo’s experience with small and medium sized local businesses, as well as our work with larger organisations, has given us a great breadth of experience in planning marketing approaches for a wide variety of companies in different types of markets. We will bring that experience to bear on supporting you with working out your own marketing plan and feed in our local knowledge on what we know has previously been successful in the area and where you might want to try something different.
    • Growth – Companies based in Manchester are perfectly placed to grow their businesses and there are plenty of opportunities to present new products to your market – or your existing products to different markets – within the city and its surrounding area. With its history at the heart of the industrial North West and its increasingly cosmopolitan modern population, the city is well-connected for expansion outside the city and has ready-made markets seeking new products. Voodoo can help you make important growth decisions using its in-depth knowledge of the area and provide you with vital information to support your choices.
    • Create the message – if there’s one thing we’ve learned through our work in the area, it’s the kind of marketing messages that resonate with local people. Choosing Voodoo as a local agency to craft your marketing campaigns gives you access to a wealth of local knowledge to create something that works for your local market.
    • Promotions – Putting together marketing campaigns for the local area is best done with an agency that understands opportunities for promotions in Manchester. With our contacts in a range of outlets, we can put you in touch with the right people to get your marketing message to your audience effectively.
    • Spreading the message – As we’re based in the area, Voodoo can support you with getting your team on board with your marketing plans. Sometimes your own team can be the toughest sell of all. We’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to make that case.

Public Relations

  • Our Manchester-based PR gurus have the skills, experience and contacts you need to get your message out there through all the relevant channels. Picking your targets for press releases, securing interviews on local radio and using social media to get your message across are all Voodoo specialities.

Working together with our creative teams, marketing strategists and planners, our PR gurus bring an added dimension to the service offered by Voodoo and give us the opportunity to add value to your marketing strategy by identifying opportunities for public relations activities that work alongside your other marketing activities.

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