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Marketing budgets under threat? Research has shown that one of the first budgets to be cut when the going gets tough is marketing, even though in many ways it should be the last. When your firm is up against challenging times, it’s the right time to pull out all the stops and get people interested in your products or services.

Marketing strategically

Strategic marketing sounds like something that would be out of the price range of a cash-strapped organisation, but it’s the only sensible way to spend a marketing budget. Creating a marketing strategy simply means assessing the organisation’s business, its needs and aims and tailoring marketing to fit the challenges each company faces.

In order to develop a marketing strategy, Voodoo provides a range of services that can help your company in a number of ways.

  • Market research – in order to target your marketing most effectively, it’s important to understand into how your organisation and its products are perceived by your customers, potential customers and competitors. Voodoo can help you gain an insight into your market through the development of tailored research and competitor analysis. Armed with this information, you can create a marketing plan to address areas of concern.
  • Marketing plan – Once you know where you want to target your efforts, it’s important to plan how you will solve the marketing challenges that have been identified. Voodoo can work with you to set realistic objectives for your marketing activities and discuss options on how to best market your company. Most importantly, we can also help you identify the best ways to measure the impact of your marketing activities on your bottom line. Without this, you’re working in the dark.
  • Growth – Voodoo can work with the information gathered about your markets and your business and help you create a solid plan for growing your business. This can include giving you advice on your target markets, product positioning and pricing models.
  • Create the message – One of the most important things in marketing is the creation of a clear message that will reach your customers. Voodoo will work with you to find out about what you want your customers to get from your products – both the tangible and the intangible benefits – and create a proposition that customers will find irresistible.
  • Promotions – there are countless combinations of marketing activities that can be used to get your product in front of the people you want to buy it. Voodoo can assess what you’re already doing through your website, email and marketing campaigns then suggest new ways of communicating with your markets and agree ways in which the impact can be measured.
  • Spreading the message – Voodoo recognise that often the most difficult people to convince of the need for improved marketing are within your own organisation. We can work with you to roll out your plans across your company and ensure every part of your organisation is using the same message.

Public Relations

Public Relations and marketing are closely aligned to one another but have slightly different approaches. Thankfully at Voodoo we are experienced with both and can bring together the best of our strategic marketing experience with some of the best PR minds to create a holistic approach to marketing that includes paid-for marketing and advertising with public relations activities and market engagement.

PR – the personal side of marketing

Working together with our creative teams, marketing strategists and planners, our PR gurus bring an added dimension to the service offered by Voodoo and give us the opportunity to add value to your marketing strategy by identifying opportunities for public relations activities that work alongside your other marketing activities.

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