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Social networking is a way of life for people these days. As individuals become more dispersed and remote from their social groups in physical space, they become more and more reliant on virtual networks to maintain their contact with people that matter to them.

As with the development of other media through the ages, the introduction of online social media has brought with it increasing numbers of opportunities for companies to access their markets and make them aware of their products and services.

In the same way that companies have become much savvier in the ways they market themselves to consumers through advertorials, content marketing and sponsorship, social media has brought with it the need for brands to adapt to promoting themselves to individuals and other businesses in a social setting.

Voodoo has a strong track record of working on marketing in traditional media and using emerging channels to get a company’s messages across to consumers. With an enthusiastic bunch of web-savvy marketers and strategists, we’re on hand to help you manage your social media message to get the best possible value from these opportunities.

Platforms covered

Voodoo work with all the popular social media platforms, so whatever you need we will have it covered. We work with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest as examples, just ask us if there are others you’d like to work with.

Social media strategy

As with all other channels through which marketing messages can be delivered to an audience, social media is diverse set of outlets that take some skill to negotiate through effectively. With so many possible ways to target a market, it’s important to hone in on the ones that are likely to be the most successful at getting the results you want.

Luckily, Voodoo’s Social Media Management team has an excellent picture of exactly what is going on in social networking and which platforms are most likely to be suitable for which types of uses. With an intuitive understanding that helps them tell their Twitter from their Tumblr, they can steer your company towards the most appropriate outlets through which to convey your message in order to get the maximum benefit.

Selecting a smaller number of carefully chosen social networks through which to engage can be more effective for some companies, while for others the intelligence from Voodoo advisers on which networks are likely to be up-and-coming is invaluable making sure there is sufficient spread to get to the right kind of people.

Alongside selecting the media that will be most suitable for your company and your market, our Voodoo experts will help you hone in on what you hope to achieve from engagement in social networking. This will assist you in choosing the right platforms to target and also start to plan what messages you need to be getting out there.

Managing the content

One of the aspects of social media that has made it such a phenomenon in communication is the speed at which it moves. Things that were a big deal five minutes ago are now forgotten as the tide of conversation is forever driving the previous discussions out of sight over the horizon.

In order to use social media effectively it’s vital that you have a regular flow of high-quality and relevant content to put out through your chosen channels. The frequency with which you are able to communicate will be another feature in which social networks will work best for you, and Voodoo’s advisers can guide you to making that decision. With our experience in creating content for a variety of companies through a variety of social media outlets, we can help you with everything from coming up with a plan for what types of information to share at what times through to giving you templates to follow to create a consistent corporate style to your communications online.

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