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Email marketing can give you a lot more bang for your buck and is a hassle free way to keep in contact with thousands of existing and potential customers.

Email marketing requires a fraction of the costs, resources and labour which can get quickly get gobbled up by advertising activity. It allows you to reach far greater audiences and potential markets without any geographical boundaries. In short, it has the potential to translate minimal resources into making a significant impact.

There were 3.146 billion email accounts worldwide at the end of 2011 (Radicati Group) and 85% of worldwide internet users access email (Ipsos).
The team at Voodoo can help you market more for less, with well written, dynamic, and branded visual content and instant impact. We take a proactive approach to web marketing services and business email solutions, ensuring that a targeted audience of customers is quickly and efficiently directed to your website.

Our email campaigns can be easily tracked so you can monitor progress and see how many emails were delivered, opened and acted on.

This lets you to plan and optimise future campaigns, tailoring them so that your marketing communications are always reaching the right people. It also helps you build lasting relationships with customers, potentially resulting in higher repeat sales and stronger loyalty to your brand.

The average person has to see or hear about your product seven times before they will buy from you.

We can import your existing mailing list and once we’ve got you up and running, we sort out all the data cleaning, additions and ‘bounce backs’ so that your list stays fresh and up to date.

Of course we are an ethical online marketing company: we only undertake ‘opt-in’ email marketing to existing or potential customers who have signed up to receive your regular email bulletins.

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