3D computer generated imagery

3D computer generated imagery (CGI) is a highly versatile tool which can be used for high tech illustration across all industries and especially in product development and research.

With 3D animation, the viewer can see inside, through and around any mechanical, anatomical or cellular structure.

3D CGI has really expanded in recent years and is now used in a wide range of areas including technical advertising, mobile phone communications, design, corporate presentations, photo realistic special effects, engineering simulations and virtual environments.

This type of animation can also help conceptualise a product still in the development phase, a vital function when a company is seeking early funding or preparing for entry into a new market.

As you would expect from a top class digital agency, we have a talented team with specific expertise in the production of three dimensional computer generated imagery for ecommerce solutions.

The ability to portray movement is where animation really excels – if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an animated sequence is worth 30 pictures per second.

3D computer modeling and animation is a dynamic way to market your business. Our process starts with the creation of a 3D model or ‘digital asset’ which can be used in a variety of different ways, from animating something to show its unique benefits or how it works, to inserting it into a certain environment or background for illustrative and creative purposes. And of course we can produce virtual images for you to help market products while they’re still in developed or being manufactured.

From an online marketing point of view, once a 3D model has been created, computer generated photo realistic imagery and illustrations can be exported for your company’s use in artwork, printed media, websites, video and DVD, commercials, and simulation generally.

High impact 3D animation elevates your company’s image, enabling you to get your messages across clearly, concisely and convincingly.

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