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Once you have your website up and running – whether our Voodoo web designers created it for you or whether it was done by someone else – the most important thing is to make sure that people are seeing what you have to offer. Our services can help get people looking at your website and making the most of your online presence.

Search Engine Optimisation 

Very few people find the website or information that they’re looking for by typing in the web address of the company. More often people will search for a subject through a search engine and click on the links that are returned. Voodoo’s specialists in Search Engine Optimisation can help you get your website seen by more people by ensuring your website is in the best possible shape to be noticed by search engines. All search engines use constantly changing rules to rank websites in terms of quality and relevance to the search terms used by those who are looking for information. Our experts are well-versed in these rules and what they mean for businesses that rely on website traffic to get their company noticed and generate sales.

Starting with looking at what your company offers online, Voodoo’s experts will analyse your website and that of your competitors to find key words that people seeking the services that you offer tend to search for online. With that that information in hand, websites can be edited to ensure that those key words and phrases are featured in all the right places while ensuring that the site is still user-friendly, informative and provides a good experience for your website visitors. Our work ensures that your visitors land on the most appropriate page for their search terms, streamlining the process of getting from click to purchase.

As well as making sure that your website has all the right content to tick the search ranking boxes, Voodoo web experts can help you build your profile in other ways. One way in which websites are increasingly being ranked for relevance is through the number of links back to a site from others. Finding places to outsource content, such as on industry blogs or review websites, with links back to your own website can significantly improve the way in which search engines rank the relevance of your website and boost your position in the ratings.

At Voodoo, we take great pride in ensuring your website is working for you. Getting you featured at as highly in a search as possible with major search engines and keeping you there is a challenge we’d be keen to take on.

Pay Per Click

The way in which companies target potential customers through advertising has changed a lot since the internet has become more popular. These days, online adverts can be targeted at an audience much more effectively through pay per click. Pay per click advertising allows you to decide where your adverts are shown based on a number of factors that Voodoo analysts can help you determine. Usually using a selection of relevant key words and placed on related websites, your pay per click adverts will direct traffic to your own website from people who are interested in your products or services on offer. The clue as to how they work is in the title – you only pay for the times when someone clicks on the link. It is in best interests of both your company and the website that hosts your adverts to get the right fit and our pay per click experts can help you get that perfect match.

Search Engine Optimisation

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