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Today, those companies who are not using social networks to communicate with their current and future customers are missing out on a huge opportunity. As more and more people take to the internet to work and to play, companies are capitalising on those hours spent online to target their markets in a new way.

Voodoo has worked with a number of companies in the Preston area to help them get up to speed with social media and what it can do for them. We can support you through the whole process of identifying the right networks to generating the perfect content to ensure you’re getting your message out in just the right way.

Being based nearby puts us in the perfect position to help your Preston business find its social media feet. We can discuss your needs, help you identify your objectives and work alongside you to get you familiar with your chosen social networking outlets.

Services we can offer

We can help with Facebook, obtaining likes to pages and posts, building brands with regular posts, running competitions, etc

Twitter is an ideal business tool. Voodoo can help by posting regular messages, securing extra followers, obtaining retweets on posts and managing interactions on channels.

Google+ is often less known than Facebook/Twitter but has high value. Google+ place reasonable Kudos on +1’s obtained on pages which is great for SEO. Voodoo can provide regular posts, attract people/business to join your circles, get +1’s to pages and reshares of posts and more.

YouTube is a massive opportunity, here at Voodoo we can set-up your channel, add videos, arrange for videos to be recorded and add the right content to your online videos on YouTube.

Pinterest is an image social media channel and search engine rolled into one. Voodoo can create your Pinterest account, add text to images, attract followers and repins, etc

The above are just a few social media channels contact us to discuss any of them and/or any others you may be interested in.

Understanding social media

Marketers have been grappling with a growing number of print publications and broadcast media for a number of years so the proliferation of social networks should come as no surprise. What can make social media more difficult to deal with is the way in which new ones spring up to take a place in expanding arena, giving individuals and companies different ways to communicate with each other in virtual space.

With such a rapidly expanding array of ways in which you can communicate with individual customers and entire audiences in real time, it’s not surprising that many people are completely confused by social media and all it entails. Every different social network has different attributes and some will be more suitable than others to achieve the outcomes you’re hoping for.

If you want to make more people within Preston and the surrounding area aware of the products and services that you offer, our social media experts at Voodoo can guide you to select the right social networks to get your message across. If your objectives are broader than that, from regional to global, our team can help you find the right channels through which to broadcast.

There are many things that will help our experts assist you in getting on the right social networks. What you sell, who you sell to and how you want to sell it will all guide the way in which you communicate what you have to offer. We’re keen to work with you to find just the right combination for you.

One of the first things our social media team will do is work with you to decide what you want to get out of your foray into social media. As with any communication and marketing activity, you need to know what you want to get out before you start to put in.

The kind of ideas that our advisers will suggest will be very different if you’re trying to raise awareness amongst locals in Preston of the products you have to offer than if you’re looking to build your profile on a global stage. Whatever it is you’re looking to do, though, we have it covered.

Get the message?

If you want to have a conversation with your target audience, there are few ways better to do that than by using social media. By using these channels, your customers can communicate with you directly and you have the chance to address things directly to them, particularly if you’re trying to talk to people far from your Preston base.

However, as with all conversations, the flow tends to go pretty quickly. If you’re not saying the right thing at the right time, your message can be swept away fast in the tide of discussion. Let us visit you at your Preston offices and give you a tutorial on getting the right content out at the right time and keeping the conversation flowing.

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