Mobile Website Development

These days, people are at least as likely to access websites on their phones or other mobile devices as they are on their laptops or computers.

As a company with products to market, this is a fantastic opportunity to capture your customers on the move. However, if you don’t give visitors to your website a great mobile experience, you are at serious risk of losing out to your competitors.Voodoo’s skilled web developers specialise in making websites that are optimised for mobile devices. The number of people accessing websites through their tablets and smartphones is increasing month-on-month and any company that isn’t keeping up is missing out. With an increase in online shopping using mobile devices of 53 per cent in 2013 alone, it’s important to get in on this trend or risk seriously missing out.

Mobile first

As more and more people move to using their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to access the internet, savvy companies are making sure that their websites are as useful on the move as they are on a large screen. As a result, developers are constantly looking at ways to make websites more streamlined, suitable for a range of screen sizes and easy to load over mobile data connections.

People are using technology in ways that are completely different than they have before. It’s important to be ready to give them the service they expect.

Voodoo mobile web developers will be able to work with you to decide how best to develop your website to ensure it is accessible from mobile devices. This could involve starting from scratch and putting mobile at the heart of your site, reworking your existing website or building a separate mobile site that links seamlessly to your desktop version and detects when users are visiting from a mobile or tablet. The Voodoo team will help you decide which will work best for you from the point of view of user experience and budget.

Mobile apps

Another area where business is booming is in the use of mobile apps. With millions of people now using their Blackberry, Android or iPhone for an increasing number of purposes, there may be an opportunity to get your business under your customers’ noses in yet another way. Working alongside our web designers are Voodoo’s app developers. Have a chat with them about your ideas on how you can add a smartphone app to your marketing strategy as a way to get customers to recognise your brand or access your services on the move. Whether you’re looking for a new way to offer customers a way to buy your products or apps that offer utility while getting your name known, we have all the skills and expertise to help you get your app to your target market.

Marketing and Promotion

Once your app is developed and working well, Voodoo’s team can also give you pointers on marketing it. Your app is a product in itself and a strategy to get users downloading it onto their mobile devices will help to ensure you’re getting the kind of usage that you want. Marketing an app is different to most companies’ other products (unless you’re an app development company!) so having a specific plan that plots the smooth roll-out of your app will put you in the best position to succeed. Finding blogs to target for publicity, hitting social media and getting a press pack together will all support your efforts to make your app the next app store success!

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