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As you will probably have noticed in your own use of technology, the ways in which people access the internet has changed to how it was five years ago. It won’t be long before the number of people accessing the web from their phones and tablets has overtaken the number sitting at a desktop PC and that has implications for the way in which your website is designed. If you’re not giving your customers a great experience when they visit your site from their phones, they won’t come back. Tot up those losses and you’re looking at a serious problem.

At Voodoo, we’re well-versed in getting companies based in Manchester on the mobile web. Why not let us show you some of our previous projects and demonstrate the benefits to help you see the difference going mobile can make?

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Getting your website ready for access on phones and tablets is more important than ever. People are using their phones for all sorts of different purposes these days. While previously people might’ve accessed the internet on their phones just to get some last-minute information now we’re seeing people choosing to browse on their phones even when they have a larger computer screen close at hand. They’re reading reviews, visiting websites and even shopping online from their phones and tablets and as more people do that, you need to ensure your customers can do that on your site too or risk being overlooked.

If you already have a website that doesn’t work particularly well on mobile devices, our Manchester-based mobile developers can meet with you to determine how best to get your site into the 21st century. We can create a secondary mobile site to link seamlessly to your existing one or start again from the beginning with the mobile experience of your visitors at the heart of the design.


With every brand of smart phone now offering ways for their users to put apps on their devices, there is a new opportunity to market yourself to your customers and provide useful services to them in the process. This is another area where Voodoo can help local businesses develop.

Brimming with ideas and eager to take on the next exciting project, our mobile app developers work alongside our mobile web experts to come up with solutions that are integrated and useful for businesses in the area. The first step in the process is to meet and share ideas with you, hear what you want to get out of having a mobile app and talk through what is possible and how your proposed product would fit within an already packed mobile app market. Once the plans have been agreed, we can get down to the nitty gritty of developing a great app that will give both you and your customers great value.

With your app developed and ready to go, we have our in-house marketing team who can support you with getting the app to market. Apps can be an add-on to your existing marketing activities or a product in their own right. Whichever is true for your app, we can support and guide you to get what you need from its launch. Listing on app stores and markets, choosing places to publicise your app and monitoring metrics on downloads and usage can all play a vital role in ensuring you get value for the investment in mobile development.

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