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Most of us now have a smartphone of some description, and those of us who do know just how important mobile browsing and apps are to our day-to-day lives. As an increasing number of us are using mobile phones and tablets to access the internet and downloading mobile apps that offer a range of ways to make our lives easier, you can see why offering your customers – even those who you deal with locally in Preston – a good service via your website when they choose to check it on the move makes good business sense.

The good news is that we at Voodoo are primed and ready to help you get your business into shape to hit the mobile web. We’ve already assisted a number of Preston companies with getting their mobile credentials in order. Why not be the next business that we work with?

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The increasing trend in the UK and beyond has shown that more people than ever are using their smartphones and other portable devices to access the internet on the move. This is a huge opportunity to do things differently but many companies are currently missing the boat.A number of Preston firms who have approached us to work with them on getting mobile expressed concerns about the ability of people to view their websites on the go and quite rightly so. If your website isn’t optimised for mobile browsing, it can give people visiting your site a very poor experience.

Websites not designed for mobile browsing can hit upon a number or problems in their design that make them difficult or even impossible to access using portable devices. The size of the screens and capability of the processing power can mean your website is unusable on a mobile phone or tablet, while websites with lots of images and media can crawl down a mobile data connection and leave your customers frustrated or even send them elsewhere. If you choose to work with Voodoo to get your mobile website up and running, we can promise you the best possible service. Having already worked with a number of other companies based in Preston and across the North West we are well-equipped to advise you on what works well. We are close enough to meet with you, discuss your requirements and share our ideas, building a relationship that will pay dividends in the quality of the end product.


Mobile phones and tablets, whether they’re working on an Apple, Android or Windows platform, have the capability to run apps that give users a huge amount of functionality that until recently they weren’t able to get from their mobile devices. This has brought about a revolution in the way that people are using their phones and tablets and created a new opportunity for Preston companies to offer services to their existing and potential customers.

Voodoo’s mobile app development team has worked on a whole host of projects to bring you a new avenue through which you can promote your brand and market your products. Let us work with you too so you can take this chance to get your company name and brand under the noses of mobile users on a regular basis. Whether you want an app that allows online ordering to supplement your Preston face-to-face sales or a useful app to get people thinking about your products and services, we can share with you our expertise and find the right app development for you. Once you have the app you want, our marketing team has experience of getting them seen by the right kind of people. Unlike selling products directly to people in Preston, marketing your mobile app is a whole new prospect and one with which we can help you in order to get this new product out to the right kind of people.

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