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Every company needs branding to make it individual from the rest of its competitors in a crowded marketplace. Branding can be for everything from the whole company down to the individual products or services that you offer and tells the customer something about who you are and what you can do for them. As a Manchester-based agency, Voodoo knows the local marketplace and understands the context within which you are developing your company’s identity. If you’re looking for an agency with expertise and unbeatable local knowledge, you need look no further than us.

Developing your brand

Building your brand is about the story that you want to tell to your customers. Telling a story that is particularly meaningful to people living in the North West is an area where Voodoo is particularly skilled. With strategic and creative teams living and working in Manchester, we understand the area, its people and what appeals to them. We can bring that expertise to you and combine it with your knowledge of what you’re about to create something that is meaningful to you and to your customers.

Your brand is to your company is like your personality is to the individual – it’s unique and it takes time to grow and develop. Things that you may feel instinctively about what your company is and what it stands for can be difficult to articulate at first. Our local presence means that our branding experts can visit you where you are, get a feel for what your company is doing and help you see what it is you want to say with your brand.

Graphic design

Manchester has long supported a thriving creative community with famous artists and designers living and working in the city for hundreds of years. Our own graphic designers are just the latest in a tradition of great Mancunian art and design and have just what you need to get the visuals to go with your image. At Voodoo we understand how important it is to have the right look to go with your company and your product and will work with you to get just what you need. As we are based in the area it makes it very straightforward for our creative team to share their thoughts and ideas with you as they develop them. With your designs agreed and fully worked up, Voodoo is able to offer a range of services that puts your new image to work for your company. We work with a number of local contractors from printers to sign-writers who can get your logos and branding up in all the places you need it.

At your side from start to finish

Once your brand message and image have been decided, we have created your logo and other graphic designs and your artwork and literature is out in the public eye, the next step is to check what impact they have had on your target market. Voodoo has the expertise to do that too, and we can carry out research and measure impact to show the value you’ve gained from the development of your brand. One of the benefits of being based in Manchester is our knowledge of the local marketplace and how best to measure the way in which your communication has been received by your audience. Our detailed understanding of Manchester’s markets, its media and the places where opinion leaders are to be found puts us in a great position not only to target those for you but to test out whether your marketing plans have done the job.

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