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Branding is a vital part of company and product recognition. In a crowded marketplace full of competition, you want your company and what it offers to stand out against the rest.

Voodoo understands the need to get this part of your marketing strategy right and can work with you from the very start of building your brand through to getting your image everywhere it needs to be.

Brand development

A brand is more than just a logo. Of course, imagery that goes with your brand is important to enable customers to identify your products and pick them over those of your competitors but your brand is more than that. It’s a statement of who you are as a company, what sets you apart from others and why customers should choose you rather than anyone else. Developing your brand can be a complex process. A great deal of analysis and soul-searching can go into finding exactly what it is that sets a company apart from the rest and how to convey that to the marketplace.

Voodoo can be there with you on every step of your journey as you find your feet as a new business, re-evaluate your brand as an established company or go about freshening up your image. Linking together key elements from elsewhere in the agency, we can pair our strategic and creative brains with your inside knowledge to come up with a brand that’s truly compelling.

Graphic design

A key part of developing a brand identity is the imagery that is used to convey what a company is and what it stands for. Millions have gone into the development of branding for the major corporations to give them the recognisable images they have today.

Voodoo understands how important it is to get design right to convey your brand image. Once you have a clear idea of what you want to put across in your branding, our creative team can work with you to develop the perfect designs for your company and your products.

With your designs agreed and fully worked up, Voodoo is able to offer a range of services that puts your new image to work for your company. Creating eye-catching literature that can promote your work to audiences inside and outside your company, Voodoo can offer design and printing services that cater to your needs including paper printing and the creation of corporate signage with your new logos.

For those who want to take their designs even further, our creative team has the skills and expertise to move your brand communication to the next level. Creating imagery for use in online marketing campaigns, on websites and even 3D computer generated images and animations to bring your branding to a new audience.

The complete package

Of course, one of the things any sensible company will want to know as a result of its efforts in creating a brand image is the impact it’s made on the markets it targets. Voodoo can assist with this piece of the puzzle too, conducting market insight studies to find out how branding has influenced the perception of the company amongst customers, potential customers and competitors and how that changes in light of branding activities.

All together, Voodoo is able to offer a full service from the creation of your brand image to the measurement of its impact with all the stages in between. We can be as involved as you want us to be. Get in touch and let’s have a chat about where we start.

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