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Creating an identifiable brand is an important part of what sets a company or a product apart from its competitors. Developing an idea of what your company and your products are and what they stand for, how they differ to what other Preston companies are offering and what intangible benefits customers will gain from choosing your offerings over those of your competitors is the starting point of growing an identity that will help you stand out in your marketing campaigns. Voodoo has already worked with a number of businesses based in Preston in a variety of different markets. Let us work with you too and see the benefits of building a strong brand and conveying that brand through world-class design.

Creating your identity

The creation of your brand is like developing a personality for your company or product. It gives you something that people can relate to when they’re considering choosing your company or products over those of a competitor. In addition to the services you deliver as a business, there is something about the ethos of your company and what you stand for that can be encapsulated into your brand. Building your brand is something that can be significantly helped by working with someone from outside your organisation. Something that is taken for granted by those of you working in the company can be immediately apparent to someone visiting you and hearing about what you do. The Voodoo branding team can work very closely with you at your Preston base to get a feel for your company, your products, the story you want to tell with your brand and crafting your identity to reflect what you believe in.

Designing your graphics

Voodoo understands that it’s vital to get the right image to go with your brand identity and as such we employ some fantastic graphic designers who excel at turning your vision into a reality. Based in the local area, it’s easy for them to visit you in Preston to share with you their concepts and work alongside you to create the right graphics for your brand.

Being located nearby means that our designers are already immersed in the designs that are coming out for businesses in Preston and the surrounding area. This gives them the edge in creating something for you that is new, unique and stands out from the crowd. Once the designers have worked their magic, the rest of our branding and communications team have contacts in Preston to get your images out into the wider world. From sign-writers to printers, we have the connections to ensure that your new image is put out there in the most effective way possible. We can also work with our online communications specialists to ensure that your logo and images are used in online marketing campaigns and website design where those things will help you meet your marketing objectives.

With you from beginning to end

At Voodoo we recognise that the important thing about anyone’s image is how it impacts on the target audience. Changes to your branding, logo or literature will have an effect on the way your market interacts with your company and we have the ability to measure and monitor those reactions. With our understanding of how Preston’s markets operate, we can interpret the measurements and help you understand your impact. Having worked extensively with companies and media outlets in Preston we have the expertise and contacts you need to target influencers and get the information required to monitor changes in the perception of your company as a result of your branding. Let us work with you and we’ll get your refreshed branding out to the public and show you the benefits as a result.

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